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The toxic impact of plastic pollution is a severe, growing problem. At the heart of the matter is the most conspicuous contributor, the PET plastic water bottle.

Last year, approximately 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in the US. The recycling rate remains at only 23-25%, meaning that about 38 billion plastic bottles end up in our landfills, rivers, streams, oceans, and lakes, per year. In addition to the harmful build-up of plastic after PET usage, these bottles also have been shown to cause significant environmental damage in their production processes.

To break this dangerous cycle, people need alternative options – that’s where we come in. Coastal Clear’s Eco-box design offers us that same refreshing water taste that we all love, collected and packaged with the well-being of our environment and our customers in mind. Still need convincing? Each bottle design features nature-inspired work from local artists. Oh, and a portion of our earnings is donated directly towards environmentally focused efforts in your communities to protect and support the ecosystems you love. If you ask us, switching to Coastal Clear Water is a no-brainer.


Coastal Clear Water Co. boxed water is sourced from Shasta Springs. This area is known worldwide for having some of the best tasting, purest, natural sources of spring water.

For crisp, clean natural spring water, the journey begins on Mt. Shasta. The run-off from glaciers slowly passes through gem-stone infused rock, layered granite, green jade, and gold. When the water reaches Shasta Springs, it gently flows through cracks in the stone and surfaces in caves untouched by human hands.

Our water is preserved using a state-of-the-art gravity fed water system. It is then poured into our environmentally friendly cartons and distributed across the United States.

Giving Back

A portion of the Coastal Clear Water Co. proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations to help save and restore our oceans and marine life.

Drink our water with a clean conscious, knowing that the funds from your purchases are directly benefitting environmental causes in your very own community.

Our Commitment

Accept responsibility for our role in protecting and nurturing our planet, and to take proactive, measurable steps towards cleaner living habits. Together we will make a difference.


Offer more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. The environmental damage of plastic use is readily quantifiable in terms of carbon emissions, fossil fuel consumption, and ecosystem pollution. Contrarily, our slim paperboard carton box is one of the most environmentally sound forms of packaging - completely BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

Health & Wellness

Promote health and wellness through consumption of our natural springs boxed water.


Invest in good causes and good people through donating to local environmental causes and showcasing artists from the community.


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Starting in SWFL

Each of us has a role to play in rebuilding and protecting SWFLs natural beauty, and many small actions by caring community members can go a very long way.

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At Coastal Clear Water Co., we recognize the sizable impact of those making efforts to understand and to save our earth. And we’re putting our money where our mouths are by donating a portion of each sale to locally-based organizations working to protect marine and sea life.

Moreover, we believe in the power of a united community that seeks opportunities to support one another. Therefore, our ‘eco-box’ designs were intentionally designed to display just a sliver of the unique talents right around you. Each box of water features environmentally-themed artwork made by inspiring artists from your community!

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